How to use two audio devices simultaneously in Windows 10

Let’s say you want to use your back audio and front jacks to connect two set of speakers but Windows only allows you to use one, well if you want to use two audio outputs from your computer running Windows 10, we have the solution here. On previous versions of Windows we had the “Stereo Mix” method, however on Windows 10 there is no Stereo Mix Option enabled. Now, the major audio drivers are from Realtek and Via Tech. In general the basics are the same for both:

  • Find and enable Audio Mix within Windows 10.
  • Visit the pages of your PC, Motherboard or Audio Manufacturer and download the drivers.
  • Either delete and reinstall the drivers, preferably delete the driver that Windows installed and then install the driver.
  • You are set, but check both video guides below.


If you happen to have a Realtek device you can enable the Stereo Mix following easy guide of this video:

Via HD

If you have a VIA HD driver, it has a little bit more steps (even the video is a little bit longer) but it still works, just follow the video guide:


Also, if you want to split the sound to use on two 3.5 mm plugs, we want to share the obvious solution , no software required and you might even connect a few of these together:

Dual Audio Splitter
Dual Audio Splitter

These are fairly cheap and you can find it at your local electronic store, Amazon, NewEgg or Ebay.

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