Split Your WordPress Post Into Multiple Pages

Split Your WordPress Post Into Multiple Pages

We will explain how you can split your WordPress post into multiple pages. This will be very helpful for long post, so you can split it into two, five or even 10 pages to be easier to read; and this will help you to boost your Google Adsense’s ads, so you can show ads on each page and boost your income. We will write a guide for Google Adsense later.

Basically you can use the <!––nextpage––> tag on your posts. This will create the pagination enter an equivalente of a page break, which will transfer the next content to the next page. First go where you want to insert the break or where you want to start the next page and:

  • The first option is to enter the combination: Alt + Shift + P on your keyboard, or
  • The second option is to go the code of your post and insert <!––nextpage––>.

We recommend using the plugin TinyMCE Advanced, since it has this option on their “Insert” menu, besides it will make your post writing easier. This plugin supports: creating and editing tables, options when inserting lists, search and replace in the editor (very helpful), ability to set font family and font sizes and colors, and many more features.




Also, we leave you a video from WP Beginner with this process, they posted this video which explains basically what we explained before:

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