9 Easy Ways to Increase More Traffic to Your Website

You should consider building your site like a project. You should take the time to plan and build your website. We would like to help you by giving you 9 tips to increase the traffic on your website:

1. Create interesting content

You content should be well formatted, useful to your readers and should have your personal touch to show your blog’s personality. Remember that people searches for content that it is not anywhere else on the Internet, and that they might share on social networks.

2. Optimize your keywords

Identify the keywords related to your specific content, words most used and words people might use to search for your content. Use some free tools to identify your keywords from Google®, Bing® and Yahoo!®, their tools will also show you words that are popular. These keywords have to be incorporated into your content, usually within the first paragraph or many times on your content (one keyword every 100 words). We recommend you to use Google AdWords™ Keyword Planner for this task.

3. Start your own blog

When you have a great content that you want to share with the world, start a blog. They give you the ability to showcase your online persona and gather information about what is becoming more popular, what works and does not, so you can focus or become an expert on that field. Also search engines crave for more content.

4. Share your links

When your site is link from trusted or popular sites, your site becomes more popular on search engines. Find and encourage partners and readers to share your links on their sites and on social networks.

5. Submit your link to search engines

If your website is new, you must submit your link to the major search engines. The biggest search engines have a”Webmaster” section where you can manage your links, sites, languages, sitemaps, and other settings related to your site.


6. Connect on social media

Social media offer great opportunities to drive traffic to your site. Use sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to distribute your content and encourage people to share it with their friends.

7. Find related communities

There are community site pretty much for everything. These communities should be related to your market and might be public or private, and can be found as: forums, chats and blogs related to the market. Participate on this communities and share your content that might interest the users.

8. Email marketing

Some readers/customers will not return to your site unless you contact them. Make sure you make them comeback keeping regular contact with them using a email marketing system.

9. Track and analyze your traffic

You can set up a free analytics account on your website. It will provide great information that might be helpful for you, for instance: where your readers are coming from, pages viewed, how long they stayed. This will help you understand what your reader like and where you can find them.


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